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Axicon 15000 2D VERIFIER

The Axicon 15000 has been designed to read both two-dimensional and linear barcodes up to a maximum size of 51 mm x 31 mm. The system uses a special array of LEDs and a CCD-based sensor to capture each barcode image before it is analysed. It is able to verify multiple barcodes in the same field of view, whether they are 2D or linear codes, and the user sees the results for each barcode by selecting the relevant barcode on the screen.

QR Code, GS1 QR Code, Data Matrix and GS1 DataMatrix symbols can all be verified, as can any EAN/UPC, ITF-14, GS1-128, Code 128, or Code 39 symbol with a maximum width of 51 mm.

The Axicon 15000 is powered solely from the USB2 port of a computer, so it is portable when used with a laptop computer.
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    Axicon 15000 2D VERIFIER

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